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Dignity is an International Order which may be envisioned as a pyramid, with the Grand Master at its apex. The Founder and Grand Master of Dignity is Giuliano Di Bernardo.

The Order’s purpose is the defence of human dignity: that is, the state of moral nobility in which Man is placed as a consequence of his intrinsic qualities and his nature. The notion of “dignity” is therefore inherent in Man: it is the expression of a universal characteristic to be found in all men, without distinction of sex, age, race, religion, language, or culture. It is therefore one of the elements that constitute a man, in the sense that if a man loses his dignity, he is no longer a man.

It is precisely because dignity is an irremovable element of man expressing his nature that it may be found in all philosophical anthropologies, whether religious or secular. But in the contemporary world, dignity is scorned and humiliated. Numerous men and women are obliged to live without dignity; it is for this reason that humanity is losing the ideal values that have always sustained it. Even our faith in God is being extinguished, and humanity seems to be lost in a fog of atheism and utilitarianism.

Because the notion of “dignity” is universal, it has unlimited capacity, and the innumerable qualities that characterize human nature all fall within its sphere.

Any Order that proposes the defence of Man’s dignity must choose those qualities, from among the many that constitute it, which are judged primary and essential when located them on a scale of values. Our choice must take account of the particular historical and contingent conditions in which Man finds himself. In the modern world, defending human dignity means above all the defence of ethnic minorities, women, the weak and the persecuted.

The principal purpose of our Order is to defend these aspects of human dignity; this purpose must be achieved by employing the highest levels of moral and spiritual commitment.

Dignity draws its inspiration from the esoteric and initiatory societies found throughout the history of mankind, of which typical examples are the Orphic and Pythagorean societies of antiquity, and the Rosicrucians, the Illuminati, and other similar societies in more recent times.

The aim of Dignity is to pursue the moral, cultural, and social development of Man. It seeks in particular to develop intellectual activities such as philosophy, science, medicine, law, economics, art, religion, and communications through projects which express harmony and respect in regard to all conceptions of Man and life.

Within a universalistic vision, Dignity suggests and lends its support to ethical and cultural projects, with the participation of all those who keep within them the light to illuminate the dark shadows that threaten humanity. Particular significance is attached to the education of the younger generation by providing them with the means to learn about the world in which they live and – above all – with the ethical and spiritual principals required to establish harmony among men. • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes

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